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She continued dancing, turning sideways to give me an eyeful of her long, lean profile, tugging up the bottom of her sports bra just enough to show the bottom swell of her small, amazingly perky breasts. Still biting her lower lip, she flitted her gaze to my lap, making sure here actions were having the intended effect.

A small smile played at the corners of her mouth as she moved from her top, running them both down the smooth, slightly muscled front of her long, bare torso, still glistening with a faint sheen of sweat. Her fingers played with the waistband of her shorts as the gyrations and thrusts of her hips persisted. She turned again, putting her back to me as she bent at the waist and exaggerated the circles her hips were making while she deliberately worked the waistband of her shorts down her hips. She paused briefly and shot a positively evil look over her shoulder as the very top of her green thong underwear became visible above her shorts. Her hips shifted back to a slow, steady, seductive, sensuous side to side sway that made my blood boil in my veins and my heart hammer like the beat of the music she used as her guide. Slowly, slowly, the light blue material dropped lower over the flare of her hips and the round of her butt.

She sent another furtive look at me, her eyes again checking to verify the front of my board shorts was still properly tented. She showed her satisfaction with a smirk that again had her biting her lower lip just slightly.

She paused as the song ended, then as the next one began, immediately dropped low, then began to rise back up in a deliberate motion, her shorts dragging down her legs to the floor as she languidly came back up.

A low moan escaped my lips as she turned sideways to me, hands playing up her thighs, past her waist, along the muscle lines that ran up her stomach. Her hands continued to rise higher, inching up over the bottom of her sports bra before cupping her small, gently rounded breasts, the hard points of her excited nipples just faintly visible through the soft material.

"Mmmmmmm," the groan escaped from deep within me before I was even conscious of it.

Her right eye twitched in a quick wink, and her hands resumed their climb up her chest, her long, delectable neck, and into her long, thick hair.

As the dark halo cascaded between her fingers and back down across her shoulders she began moving towards me. Step by step, toes pointed, legs coming high to step out of her shorts puddled on the floor. Knees rising up as she transitioned to the bed, stalking up from the end towards me, her shoulders and hips swinging in her feline crawl towards me. I found myself scooting back until my back collided with the wall at the head of the bed.


She purred with delight as she saw this, arms and legs bending to put her weight on my body. Her arms passed my hips, her eyes looking absolutely feral as they locked into my very soul.

Another step.

I could feel the tips of her breasts dragging up my thighs. My skin burned and my hands ached, but I didn't dare move.

Another step.

My throbbing, impossibly painful hardness now found itself nestled in the modest valley between her breasts. She stopped for a moment, licked her lips, and resumed.

Another step.

She dragged her breasts further up my chest, slowing to lick, then lightly bite my left nipple. My hips thrust upward into her on their own accord, her stomach writhing against me as a reply. She purred around the nipple she held between her teeth, then released it, dragging her tongue around it one last time before our eyes were forced back to meet each other.

Another step.

Her chest against mine. Our heartbeats meeting each other's frenetic paces. Or breathing loudly comingling. Her legs folding under her to lay outside of mine, thigh to thigh, calf to calf. Her lips were inches away from mine.

One. Last. Wiggle.

Her mouth crept closer to mine as I closed my eyes, my entire body straining to get get closer to her.

The kiss didn't come. Instead, I felt her breath, hot and heavy against my ear as she whispered in a barely audible voice, "I'm going to go change. Then we're going down to the hot tub and finishing this properly."

She lifted off me, quickly getting to her feet as she headed for the closet.

"In the meantime-" she said, picking up what I could now were the pieces of a bikini before turning back and leveling an index finger at the obscenely visible bulge in my shorts,

"-down boy."

She trounced off to the bathroom, making sure I could catch every ripple, jiggle, and sway of her near-naked body as she went.


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