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My pulse had barely managed to return to a halfway normal rate when i heard the knob turn and the bathroom door opened. What I saw when she stepped out immediately sent it racing back to match it's former cadence.

The bikini was mostly white, with a sprinkling of multicolored stripes and strips and sprinkles scattered over the surface of the material top and bottom. Tiny ties behind her neck and sitting low on each hip held the three impossibly sparse triangles in place. Everywhere I looked that wasn't covered in fabric I saw smooth, clear skin just starting to pop up with goosebumps. She shivered slightly as she somewhat patiently watched me take in the spectacular view in front of me.

"Ok, can we go now, because I'm really, really antsy."

I jerked out of my fantasy, quickly nodding yes. All the blood in my body was now pooled below my waist, and I was unable to do anything more than just react. She smirked, threw a beach towel in my direction, and made for the bedroom door.

I followed the swaying colors down the hall, through the living room, past the somewhat judgy stares of all three of her roommates, out the front door, down the steps, down the sidewalk, across a parking lot, up a sidewalk, down a dark path, and through a gate that was supposed to be locked, but wasn't.

The overheard lights had been shut off but the jets were still on, and we quickly and quietly dropped our towels on a nearby lounger, kicked our sandles off into the darkness, and holding each others hands waded into the water.

She led me to the deepest part of the hot tub before she launched her attack.

The only warning I saw was a flash in her eyes, then she lunged at me. Arms grabbed me around my neck. Legs wrapped around my waist. Face almost collided with mine as she forced her lips against mine. Tongue spearing out desperately seeking mine. My hands were suddenly on her ass. Hips ground against me, moving, testing. Hands squeezing muscles. Nails raking across back.

After several minutes of that she pulled away suddenly. Leaned back. Eyes were open wide and foggy with lust. Mouth half open. Tongue licked lips. Hand reached behind her neck, pulling the string. Colors tumbled into the water. Small, rounded, spectacular, perky breasts heaved as she breathed hard. Nipples like large pebbles in tiny light brown ponds of areola stood out proudly begging for attention.

My arm tightened around her waist. Pulled her back to me. Other hand went to her chest between us. Circling around her perfect breast. Thumb found her nipple. Our lips found each other again.

Her fingers found the waistband of my shorts. Pulled the string. Reached in. Fingers closed around hard flesh. Pulled out the object of her lust. Hand stroked along my length. Once. Twice. Moans into each other's mouths. My hand found the splash of colors under the water. Pushed it aside. Fingers on warmth. Fingers twitched back and forth. Moan. Fingers in warmth. Moan.

She pushed her mouth from mine. Looked at me. Eyes were burning. Head nodded slowly. Hand still grasped me.

"I need this. Now."

She moved towards me again. Hand guided me home under the water. Heat found hardness. Legs around me. Slowly joined. All 8 1/2 inches driven home. Her eyes flew fully open, her back arched, breasts against me, nipples driven into my chest, loud cries escaping from her wide open mouth, and the heat pulsed and rippled around the hardness.


I tensed every muscle I could below the waist, holding back the explosion screaming to get out of me. Forced the throbbing back down. Hands gripped her waist tighter. Thumbs dug into their familiar spots-


She rode out the waves as they racked get body, writhing and surging against me. The whole time I stood perfectly still. Watched. Indulged. Enjoyed. Swelled.

She slumped against me for half a second, taking care to make sure I didn't slide out. Her breath came fast and ragged, her body and hair sticky and damp with sweat.

She came back to life, her eyes finding mine.

"Your turn."

Her legs tightened around my waist. Her hips rose and fell against me, my hips moved against her in concert.


At the same time, between ragged breaths and grunts of exertion, our voices found words to urge the other on.

"Holy shit, it's a good thing you're not any thicker or I'd be crawling for the next week! That's it, a little faster, a little harder, oh my god you fill me up so perfectly, I can feel you getting harder, that's it, I want to feel all of it, why haven't done this sooner, oh my god I'm close, don't stop, oh I've needed this all day today, oh keep doing that, how are you so good."

"Ugh, how can you be so tight, and shit, you're getting wetter, unf, I don't know how much longer I can hold off, mmmm you've been planning this all day haven't you, holy shit you're beautiful, oh god yes, keep doing that with your hips, just like that, oh I love when you do that, oh you're getting tighter and yes keep doing that with your muscles, oh you're so good, how did I do lucky, oh shit, I'm almost there, ugh, it's coming, it's coming, holy shit I'm-"

She pulled into me hard. Hip bones connected. Her hands behind my neck gripped tight enough to leave bruises. Her legs locked behind me, her heels digging into my back as she forced me in as deep as I could physically go. As we bumped together, she exploded. The ripples started deep within her, massaging me, coaxing and cajoling me. The heat shot up her body anywhere our skin was joined, the ripples expanding outward from her center to send shock waves through her arms, her legs, every part of her alive and quivering with the sheer electric charge.

One heartbeat.

My own control was slipping. I swelled further, ready to stage my own explosion. My entire lower body throbbed as a single unit.

Two heartbeats.

From the tips of my toes on, everything surged upwards. I tensed, flexed my PC muscle just as I felt-

Three heartbeats.

The strongest wave yet shot through her core. Her lips crushed violently against mine, sending her screams of ecstacy down my throat.

The dam broke. My control gave way to the rushing torrent. I sent my own scream of ecstasy back down her throat.

The first round burst out of me just as one of her ripples waves crested. She rode it in just in time to catch a second.

And a third.

And a fourth.

Her body clung fiercely to mine, relishing every blast that racked our bodies where we were one, filling her over and over again, adding yet more great to an already molten inferno.

She finally succeeded in emptying me, though I fired another half dozen times, my animal side kicking in, wanting to everything i possibly could.

"Mmm, I love feeling you do that inside me," she purred, her hands faking to my waist as she leaned back in the dark water, I've again giving me a full view of her marvelous, awe-inspiring nude form. My motions slowed, then stilled as we grew quiet, indulging in the visual of each other, of us as I stayed buried deep within her.

"I love how our skin tones look against each other, how it looks when you're inside me," she whispered, as if saying it too loudly would break some magical spell that bound us together.

"And I love how we drive each other so wild," I replied, similarly hushed. "This was incredible."

She gave me an evil grin and gently rocked her hips from side to side. Deep within her, we both felt me twitch.

"Boy, we're just getting started."


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